We intend to provide a distinctive approach which is grounded in the principles of going beyond audit and employing an iterative process to the whole audit approach.

  • Going beyond financial statements audit:  We apply a top-down approach to our audit which focuses on how management manages the business and controls the risks within it. We gain as much comfort as possible from understanding, evaluating and validating key financial controls and processes. Our audit approach is fully compliant with International Standards on Auditing (“ISAs”).
  • Whilst our aim is to deliver an efficient and value adding audit, we will take a more holistic view of the company’s operations with a view of establishing deficiencies in the control environment that could potentially hinder the Companies from achieving its goals and objectives.
  • An iterative process: Our audit process is an iterative thus the audit team tests and makes judgements about the reliability of management’s assertions. Throughout this process, we recalibrate our audit work to address the significant risks that could result in material misstatement of your financial information. We will listen to you and incorporate your views and insight into our audit plan.

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