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Businesses today not only face constant change, they change on multiple fronts. As a business evolves, it takes on different needs and opportunities. New tax laws are introduced while others are revised, and regulatory authorities generate an on-going stream of guidance, rulings and other communications. And the macroeconomic environment–the cost and availability of capital, market saturation, and consumer confidence and so on—is in continual flux.

Our tax consulting and compliance endeavours to align tax regulations and obligations as closely as possible with a business’s strategic vision. In doing so, it helps minimize tax liability and increase the resources available to grow the enterprise. Ashford’s on-going approach to tax planning allows us to develop optimum tax strategies for our clients, including:

  • Tax planning and risk management including risk and opportunity reviews;
  • Transaction advisory, structuring and support;
  • International tax and offshore tax planning;
  • Direct and indirect tax management;
  • Resolution of disputes with the revenue authorities;
  • Transfer pricing; and
  • Employment taxes.
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